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Jenna Augen (Alida & Len's daughter) Part I

Jenna performing in her crib

"I want to do a pretend."

Jenna with her adoring mother

Cooking as Coppelia and/or

Sleeping Beauty and/or

The Swan Queen

"I want to do a pretend."

Len with his adoring daughter


Jenna with her adoring Daddy

Jenna with her adoring Grandpa, 

Crawford Stahl


Grandpa with his adoring Granddaughter

Jenna soloing in 3rd Grade "The Martini Gavotte"

Jenna sang the role of Amahl in Menotti's "Amahl and the Night Visitors" professionally for six Christmas seasons, beginning in 3rd Grade. Her mother, Alida, often sang the role of Amahl's mother opposite her.

We always had a Christmas / cast party at our home after our Amahl performances. Here

are Alida, Jenna and Alida's mother, Jeanette van Dorsten Stahl at the cast party in


Alida and Jenna off to perform "The Double Concerto" by Bach (yet again)

Alida (left) as Mabel in "The Pirates of Penzance" and Jenna (right), several years later, in her mother's old Mabel costume

Jenna (center) as Rosalind in Shakespeare's "As You Like It"

(7th Grade)

Jenna backstage at one of her many outings as her favorite Shakespeare character, Queen Margaret (7th Grade)

Jenna and Alida

Jenna as Adriana in Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" (8th Grade), after the performance with her proud parents

Jenna in 1st Grade

Alida and Jenna, two Eliza Doolittles, at Eliza's pillar in Covent Garden, London

4-year-old Jenna, on her first trip to London, took this photo of her mother, Alida, and Big Ben

Jenna at three, just beginning her violin studies

Jenna at 4 years old, at another of her many violin recitals (very successfully completing Book I)

Len and Jenna with their science project, "The Miracle of DNA" (4th Grade)

Jenna in Venice, Italy at 10 years old

Jenna's mother as Mimi in "La Boheme" backstage with Jenna